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Who are we? Where did we come from? What do we do? And why do we do it?

Who is

The Church Host?

The Church Host was started out of a vision to help churches and ministries to have a reliable, fast hosting service that wouldn’t consume their budget. While there are certainly big hosting companies that offer cheap hosting, they usually don’t have the speed capabilities that higher quality companies have.

The Church Host utilizes the speed and dependability of Solid State Drives (SSD). These newer hard drives have no moving parts, and thus, they are able to operate at much higher speeds than traditional hard drives.

As a company based out of a local church, you can rest assured that we understand the needs of ministry. In fact, our management team is made up of pastors and other people in the ministry!

While The Church Host began as a company to help churches, it by no means is limited to just helping churches. Many other types of ministries as well as many business have found the quality of service and the quality of our product to be the perfect fit for them too!

Contact us today to see how The Church Host can help you with your hosting needs!

Our Company Mission

We exist to bring a quality hosting product to ministries (and businesses alike) for the furtherance of their message and to do it at a price that is affordable.

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